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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

100 Things to do When You're Sick at Home With Strep

wow i havent blogged in ages... well max and i probably wont b blogging much anymore, but im bored out of my mind soooo heres a list of things to do when you're sick at home with strep throat:

1)drink something
2)see how long you can hold your breath
3)see if you can beat that record of holding your breath
4)read (maximum ride is preferred, but whatever)
5)write a novel
6)write a stupid story that makes you laugh so freakin hard but no one else would understand it except you
7)send thousands of txts to your friends, just to tick them off when they turn their fone back on after school
8)learn to play piano
9)learn to play guitar
10)attempt to sing and then laugh at the pain it inflicted on your throat
11)listen to your ipod since the voices and instruments are way better than your attempts
12)create a comic strip
13)pester your parents
14)try to get grounded
15)when you get grounded, blame everything you do on your medicine and claim you have no memory of whatever you did whatsoever.
16)poke things
18)email all the famous people you know and claim you wont stop emailing them until they call you and say tht they hope you feel better- and mean it
19)when they threaten to block you, create a different email and then continue bugging them
20)repeat #19 until the second part of #18 happens
21)make a campfire in your room
22)become a caveman/cavewoman
23)when youve accomplished #22 start talking about how insulting geico is to you
24)play chess with yourself
25)fall asleep on the chessboard
26)save the world by threatening to give any villian strep if they do something bad
27)poke the villian anyway cuz they must have done something to get the title "villian" in the first place
28)roll ur neighbor
30)learn spanish
31)annoy your parents by speaking spanish nonstop
32)talk incessantly
33)watch every episode of the powerpuff girls from the beginning to end
34)laugh ur head off at their eyes and the names of the characters
35)give yourself another name
36)talk in 3rd person
37)walk around the house mumbling to yourself for an hour
38)beg to be put into a crazy institution
39)run around claiming that the erasers and whitecoats are out to get you
40)create an imaginary friend
41)clap flipflops together nonstop
42)hide the shoes and pretend to read when your parents come in to make you stop
43)when they tell you to stop, blame it on your imaginary friend and that he's making lovely music, and your parents just arent with the times
44)when they dont believe you, claim he is real, and he's just shy.
45)type with your eyes closed
46)read aloud
47)every time your voice cracks, burst out laughing
48)take a nap
50)wake up
51)go around the house acting clumsy and stupid and then lay down on the ground
52)stand up and claim you were sleepwalking
53)chew on something important
54)throw darts at a hannah montana poster
55)pretend ur michael jackson and put on loads of makeup
56)learn something
57)enjoy a beach.
58)if you dont have a beach go find one on ebay
59)pick up telemarketers' calls and make conversation with them thats completely off topic
60)if they hang up, redial the number and act truly hurt
61)make a feind
62)sweep ur closet
63)blow bubbles
64)blare your music
65)grow wings
66)call a lab and ask for your rat back
68)prank call your siblings' friends' houses
69)create an evil laugh and save it for when you can talk without being in pain
70)create your own secret language
71)become your own secret service
72)sneak around the house singing james bond
73)read a rap aloud in an english accent as if it were a poem
74)get in the front seat of your car and honk the horn
75)drink water (its kinda required for strep)
76)watch black and white cartoons
77)write notes to yourself
78)create a town made of jello
79)hide your dads office supplies and blame it on leprechauns
80)become irish
81)claim youre actually someone from the past and youre in the wrong body
82)have a staring contest with a mirror
83)go to the dr's office and cry when they say your name
84)pluck a rooster
85)burn a certain stalker book
86)go online shopping for water
87)go to boston in the fall
88)eat pinecorn
89)what??? you dont know what pinecorn is??? its corn from pine trees, now go eat it
90)cook something outrageously disgusting and say you made it special for dinner
91)when they ask if you were serious, tear up and ask if there was something wrong with you trying to be nice
92)crack up when they eat it
93)say gullible slowly- it sounds like green beans
94)swallow your meds with monster
95)when you're bouncing off the walls blame it on your meds and that monster has no effect on you at all
96)find harry potter and poke him, whispering in his ear that youre a dementor see if he does a potronus against you for it
97)become an alien
98)use your created language from #70 and explain that you really are from neptune and you need to get back as soon as you can
99)dry your pool... with hairdryers
100)become a greek god of japan

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Hey guys.... its max....

Sorry i havent been on in a while. Ive been MAJOR busy lately so u had to put up with alice all the time... HAHAHA jk shes pretty dang awesome! oh yeah as she told u before, were going to an ALL TIME LOW CONCERT! WHOOOOO HOOOO WITH MAYDAY PARADE, THE MAINE, AND EVERY AVENUE. All time low and mayday parade are the best though. U should check them out! Ohhh myyyy goooosssh! this weekend, in preparation for Halloween (the best holiday EVER) i watched the SCI FI channel ( something i would NOT recommend for horror unless u want comedy, theyre so cheap its funny ) so yeah i was watchin the Sci Fi channel and this movie, Never Cry Werewolf, came on. Ok BEST cheap horror movie EVER... except this on called The Labyrinth OHMYGOSH FUNNIEST MOVIE EVER!!!! it was in the horror section and Alice saw it and picked it up. Wow u gotta watch it,,,, FUHNEE STUFF GOIN ON IN THERE!!! ok well thats all im gonna say today soooo bye!

- Max -

Friday, October 17, 2008


ITS MY BIRTHDAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY! AHHH! hehe as charlotte would say:

happy birthday to me
its my birthday YIPPIEE
i like to eat cookies
happy birthday to me!

haha yeah its a song... =] lol so yeah as i was saying... AHHHHH ITS MY BIRTHDAY! lol ttyl! <333Alice

Sunday, October 12, 2008

omg this is amazing

ok so max is obsessed with screamo right? well my friend becca came over today and we started messing around with my karaoke machine.... i freaking started screaming "the best of both worlds" by hannah montana..... it was freaking amazing!!!!!! just imagine hannah montana going screamo... soooo funny!!!!!!! ttyl! ~Alice~

Saturday, October 4, 2008


i just realized that i havent mentioned my pretty freaking amazing news... and i was gonna leave that up to max but since she hasnt yet put it up... i get to! ok so its my birthday in 13 days, and my mom (as max mentioned a long time ago in the post "yay rachs mommy" or something like that)normally gives me tix to a concert! well this year my mom is taking me, max, bella, and mikey, to an all time low concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if youve never heard of them... well theres something wrong with you. check them out! theyre ammmmmazing! mk well thats my exciting news... ill tyll... byeeee!♥♥♥Alice

Saturday, September 27, 2008

IM BACK!!!!!!!!!

gah. thank GOD im ungrounded! ive missed my laptop..... =] and of course all of you! so talk to me!!! ttyl! <333Alice

Monday, September 22, 2008


im grounded from the computer till friday.... i dont have much time, so ill ttyf byeee ♥♥♥alice